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November 2712

Adem Adamend still has it rough. After being betrayed by a man he idolized, he left the IBI for a job that better fits his skills. And now he has a boss who likes to break his nose twice a week in combat training.

But when a local college senior is brutally murdered by the dream of a sandstorm brought to life—and the monsters hiding within—Adem finds himself swiftly ripped from his training curriculum and tossed into a web of secrets and lies in the heart of the city he calls home.

With threads pointing to the ruthless Columbian mob, a cyberattack threat against multiple federal agencies, and the shadow of the man who sponsored his corrupt ex-mentor, Adem knows he has little time before the body count rises exponentially.

In order for Adem to solve the case, however, he'll have to contend with old wounds still raw, a new team he's struggling to trust, and his own developing echo powers.

The last of which may pose the most dangerous threat of all.



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